Restful API에 대한 오픈소스 프로젝트 관련정보

2019-05-10 19:20

Restful API... Swagger, RAML,...등 여러 Restful API 규격화 프로젝트들에서 현재는 Swagger가 Linux재단하의 오픈소스프로젝트인 Open API Initiative 란 이름의 프로젝트가 되면서 가장 영향력있는 프로젝트가 됨..이때부터(2017.7) 새롭게 Swagger API는 OpenAPI로 작명됨

- Developing APIs

When creating APIs, Swagger tooling may be used to automatically generate an Open API document based on the code itself. This is informally called code-first or bottom-up API development. While the software code itself can accurately represent the Open API document, many API developers consider this to be an outdated technique as it embeds the API description in the source code of a project and is typically more difficult for non-developers to contribute to.

Alternatively, using Swagger Codegen, developers can decouple the source code from the Open API document, and generate client and server code directly from the design. While considered complicated, this has been considered a more modern API workflow by many industry experts and allows more freedom when designing the API by deferring the coding aspect.

- Interacting with APIs

Using the swagger-codegen project, end users generate client SDKs directly from the Open API document, reducing the need for human-generated client code. As of August, 2017, the swagger-codegen project supported over 50 different languages and formats for client SDK generation.

- Documenting APIs

When described by an Open API document, Swagger open source tooling may be used to interact directly with the API through the Swagger UI. This project allows connections directly to live APIs through an interactive, HTML-based user interface. Requests can be made directly from the UI and the options explored by the user of the interface.